Going Green with Your Bread Machine

bread in a bread machine

Are you worried sick that your Breville bread maker consumes a lot of energy? You don’t have to fret anymore because quality bread machines don’t just save your money, they also conserve energy. With this home appliance, you can go green and be healthy at the same time!

Bread makers aren’t exclusive for bread only; they can also make pasta, jam, cake, and pizza crusts. Talk about versatility! Honestly, it’s the perfect epitome of the phrase “small but terrible.”

Using them every single day won’t be an issue for the environment lover and the penny-pincher. If you don’t believe me, that’s unfortunate for you because I have proof.


bread in a bread machine


A particular study found that an average bread machine uses less energy compared to a coffee maker. How’s that possible? Because bread makers consume only about 9 kilowatts an hour every month if you base the computation on a 600-watt appliance used 15 hours per month on average.

Which? also experimented last 2008 and here’s what they found:

  • Making white bread using the standard program lasts for 3 hours and 18 minutes on average.
  • It also consumes 0.36 kWh per loaf of energy on average.
  • Making whole meal bread using the standard program lasts for 3 hours and 54 minutes on average.
  • The average power consumption is also 0.36 kWh per loaf

If you compare bread machines to electric ovens, obviously the former would be better to use because ovens consume about 1.6 kWh of energy every use. Even if you’re using a gas oven, it would still use up more energy (1.5 kWh) compared to bread makers. So when it comes to energy efficiency, it’s better to use your bread machine. In fact, even if you use the most expensive flour for your bread recipe, the total costs would still be cheaper if you use a bread machine.

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This is why bread makers can encourage you to participate in organic and sustainable living. By using fresh ingredients, you can also eat healthier bread. Homemade bread isn’t just more delicious; they’re also cheaper because you can purchase ingredients in bulk. Plus, the recipes are limitless, unlike store-bought breads that have limited flavor and fewer nutrients.

Cut the use of the oven by using your bread machine today!

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