Month: August 2017

Going Green: 3 Reasons Why LED Grow Lights Are Better for Your Indoor Garden

LED grow lights

If you’re about to plan a garden for your indoor plants, such as marijuana (either for medical, scientific, or personal purposes), and you’re also concerned about the environment, then you should invest in the best lights from LED Grow Lights 101. Here are the reasons why:

They can save more money

LED panel and plants

LED grow lights may seem to be expensive at first when compared to high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and fluorescent bulbs, but the truth is their operation costs are way cheaper in the long run. LED grow lights are economical since they don’t require you to spend extra money for fans just to have proper ventilation in your growing room. If you use fluorescent and HPS lights, you need to buy additional fans, especially during summer because they release enormous heat. You also have to replace their lights often which can be costly. On the other hand, if you use LED lights, you can stop worrying about light replacement because they can last up to 10 years!

These lights are energy-efficient

According to previous studies, LED grow lights can lower your energy consumption by up to 40% which makes them eco-friendlier than the other types of lights. However, the good news doesn’t end there. More recent studies have shown that they can even be better—decreasing the consumption of energy by up to 75%! Clearly, they help make the world a better place by saving energy.

LED grow lights

They emit less heat but more light

LED grow lights release less heat which is perfect for your plants. This is because excessive heat can damage your plants, decrease their growth, and even burn them before they can have a chance to mature. LED grow lights provide sufficient light for your indoor plants without building up the heat, allowing your young crops to grow and blossom graciously.

Running with a water bottle


Hydration is an important aspect of any exercise. You need to replenish the fluids you lose or risk dehydration. And if you are a runner, water is one of the essentials you absolutely must not do without while out on a run. This should not be a problem if you are running on a route where you can have access to water. But if you are out on trails with no sure source of water for miles around, you would not want to risk dehydration just because you cannot find anything to drink along the way.

runner drinking water Holding water bottle while running may be the simplest solution. It may not always be the most convenient way to do it, but you can at least find ways to make it more comfortable to carry the added weight without breaking a stride.

You can use a water bottle made with lightweight and durable materials that preferably should have a non-slip finish that offers a good grip so you do not have to worry about it sliding out of your hands as you run.

Whether you are still thinking of taking up running for fitness or as a competitive sport, or already into it for some time now, having a good quality water bottle that you can easily hold or bring around with you on your runs is one of the best investments you can make. It will not only help you avoid dehydration. But it will most certainly make you feel good every time you have a refreshing and rejuvenating drink of water during your runs.

Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits of Woodworking


Woodworking is the activity or skill of creating or building objects using wood. Aside from allowing you to personalize things and save more money, woodworking is also healthy for your mind and body. It even has social benefits!

Below are the top five benefits of woodworking.

It improves the heart

It lowers blood pressure levels and is a great way to relieve yourself of stress. Fight cortisol (stress hormone) with woodworking!

It strengthens the body

It keeps the body fit by requiring you to carry a lot of wood for your home improvement or DIY project. Woodworking is a great exercise that will help your joints maintain their flexibility. If you’re into sawing like jigsawing, your balance and hand-eye coordination will also improve. Overall, woodworking allows people to have toned muscles and better bone health.


It helps prevent future illnesses

If you’re fit and you exercise regularly, you’ll have small chances of getting various sicknesses in the future. Woodworking helps you become healthy by making you move your muscles around to accomplish a task. It is proved to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fracture as well. Woodworking also discourages dementia by keeping the mind sharp.

It improves the mind

As mentioned earlier, this activity keeps the mind sharp by requiring you to concentrate on the task at hand. It even encourages you to be as creative as you can be. Apart from making you think beyond the box, woodworking also increases your knowledge of the world by knowing the types of wood, saws, nails, and other tools you have to encounter. It elevates the levels of serotonin, leaving you happy as a clam. It also boosts the mood and allows you to gain more self-confidence after you’ve built an object. Woodworking is a good mental exercise because there is a sense of fulfillment.

mental health scrabble

It encourages you to join a community

There are local woodworking communities everywhere that are ready to welcome newcomers. Aside from inspiring you, a community can support you and help you improve your woodworking skills. If you’re an expert, you could teach those who are still at the beginning of their woodworking journey. Joining a community will allow you to exchange ideas and socially interact with others.