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7 Health-Friendly Cities in the World

Health and fitness is a way of life. Anyone can start living healthier anywhere. But there are some cities in the world that make it easier for residents to embrace a healthy lifestyle. There are many factors that make a place health-friendly. Access to green spaces, recreational and sports facilities, safe bicycle paths, and quality healthcare are among the things that promote healthy living.

Copenhagen, Denmark
What makes it health-friendly: Ranks high on the happiness index, employees work not more than 40 hours a week, work-life balance, access to foot markets that sell fresh produce and other food products, cycling culture, plenty of green spaces

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Monte Carlo
What makes it health-friendly: Access to quality healthcare, health policies that focus on education, prevention, and screening; low infant-mortality rate

Okinawa, Japan
What makes it health-friendly: Home to hundreds of centenarians, exercising and spending time outdoors are ingrained among its citizens; healthy diet that include fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood

Perth, Australia
What makes it health-friendly: Quality healthcare, infrastructure that promote wide use of bicycles and public transportation, public health policies that support health and wellbeing

What makes it health-friendly: Low infant mortality and high life expectancy rates, top notch health care system, green spaces like the Gardens by the Bay, puts premium to cleanliness with littering and spitting in public places are illegal, facilities and infrastructure that support an active lifestyle

Tokyo, Japan
What makes it health-friendly: High life expectancy, access to efficient public transportation systems, good quality public health system, healthy diet with fish and vegetables commonly part of everyday meals, walkable streets, infrastructure and facilities for active lifestyle

Vancouver, Canada
What makes it health-friendly: Walking-friendly city, environmental policies that include the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan that help in minimizing air pollution

What Traveling Can Do to Your Health

After discussing these health benefits of traveling that are backed up by science, I’m sure you’d want to travel more!

Keeping you fit

Traveling may involve a lot of sitting hours on a vehicle, but it also could also mean walking around, getting into new sports, and working out your muscles. Visiting a place will encourage you to try their famous activities and sports. Doing an extreme sport, strolling around the city, or hiking could all keep you physically and mentally fit. Swimming is also an excellent example because most of us love visiting famous beaches too.

Prevention from heart disease

Journeying is also good for your health because it can keep your heart healthy, preventing it from developing a heart illness. It does so by giving you time to unwind and get some rest. Taking a break can keep you far away from the thoughts of your stressors which can affect your heart’s performance. Studies have also found that those who travel yearly were less likely to develop heart disease or suffer a heart attack.

Exposure to different environments

Different environments mean different kinds of dirt. Traveling a lot will keep your body healthy by making it stronger. Exposing your antibodies (little blood proteins which protect your immune system from harmful pathogens) to some dirt and a few minor sicknesses can strengthen your body and improve its response to future illnesses. Of course, you should still practice necessary hygiene activities such as always washing your hands, but sometimes allowing some new bacteria can be beneficial for your body’s immune system. Traveling from place to place enables your body to adapt to different kinds of bacteria as well, making your body stronger than before.

Long life

Lastly, going on a trip can significantly affect your health by increasing your life on earth. Whether you travel locally or internationally, the effect is still the same: longer life expectancy. That’s because traveling can decrease stress levels, keep your body fit, sharpen the mind, and boost your mood. All these will allow you to have a happier and longer life. What are you waiting for? Write down and prepare everything you need to bring for your travel and start your adventures!

What Makes Bowshooting Healthier Than Other Activities Nowadays


Let’s face it. People nowadays are getting more conscious about their health. And by this, it means that people are now mindful about having things that might pose a risk on their health from the inside to keep themselves active enough to have what they need to have throughout the day without worrying about getting pained that easily.

Let’s face it as well. People nowadays are getting more conscious about their fitness. And by this, it means that people are now careful about doing things that might pose a risk on their fitness from the outside to keep themselves active enough to do what they need to do throughout the day without worrying about getting tired that easily.

But then again, this is exactly what makes bowshooting healthier than other activities nowadays…

You see and unlike what some people think about bowshooting, it’s not just about targeting a bull’s eye nor hunting a fine game for bowshooters. It’s also about flexing your muscles like no other as you simply raise a bow and let yourself stretch out every bit of those muscles of yours just like when you’re meditating as a form of exercise to keep yourself physically healthy. Add in what the warm sun can provide you, specifically its natural and anti-inflammatory vitamins, and you’ll find yourself healthier than ever before.

But of course, who could ever forget about what the outdoors itself can provide you with that warm sun shining down on you? There are only six words for it: boosting your energy like never before.

And then again, this is exactly what makes bowshooting healthier than other activities nowadays…

You also see and unlike what other people think about bowshooting, it’s not just about shooting a bull’s eye nor killing a fine game for bowshooters. It’s also about fueling your nerves like never before as you simply release an arrow and let yourself stimulate in every bit of those nerves of yours just like when you’re breathing as a form of exercise to keep yourself mentally fit. Add in what the cool air can provide you, specifically its natural and antioxidant minerals, and you’ll find yourself fitter than ever before.

And of course, who could ever forget about what the outdoors itself can provide you with that cool air blowing up on you? There are only six words for it, too: boosting your immunity like no other.

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Green Living With Pools

green living

Pools are not just great places for when you need to take a much-wanted breather from the heat and tension of your work life. It’s also a great place for when you need to take a much-needed physical relaxation from the hustle and bustle of your daily life at work. Pools are also not just great places for when you need to make a much-wanted changer from the pressure and strain of your home life. It’s even a great place for when you need to make a much-needed mental rejuvenation from the worry and fear of your daily life at home.

Thus, it’s only right for you to continue green living with pools.

Here’s why:

It saves you costs more than usual.

And by this, it means that you can save more costs than when you have to travel your car for a couple of miles away just to let yourself swim all those hustles and bustles away. There’s also the fact that you don’t need to spend much on things that you can actually experience without as green living with pools is the best alternative for any travel-related woes by those who always find themselves constantly worrying about where to go as they get to their destination and what to spend on when they get to their destination.

And by this, it also means that you can save more costs than when you have to travel on air for a couple of dollars ahead just to let yourself swim all those worries and fears ahead. There’s even the fact that you don’t need to spend much on places that you can actually see without as green living with pools is the best alternative for any adventure-related woes by those who always find themselves wondering about what to do as they get to their destination and what to spend on when they get to their destination

Indeed, it’s only right for you to continue green living with pools. And indeed, it’s only right for you to consider having one of those found at – not just for you to ensure that your pool is being maintained cleanly, but also for you to ensure that your pools is being maintained safely at the same time.

How about you?

Do you know any other reasons for you to continue on green living with pools?

Let us know in the comments section below, as well as discuss more about it!

Juicing for Fitness


Can you really gain something from juicing?

Can juicing help me become healthier?

These are just some of the questions that might’ve been confusing. Today, we’ll discuss why juicers are becoming more and more of a standard appliance in every home.

Juicing has a lot of benefits, among these are the following.


Allows you consume more fruits and veggies in the form of juice


Eating three fruits and three vegetables in one seating is impossible. Well, not that it’s impossible, but it’s almost 100% unbearable. If you’re a picky eater, the challenge can be tough for you. However, with a masticating juicer by your side, you can do so. You can combine different fruits and vegetables in one serving without the fibers. You’ll have more choices about what you can consume because, this time, you just have to gulp the nutrients—you don’t have to chew the produce. This is beneficial if you’re juicing the veggies you don’t enjoy eating. A lot of people would find juicing a practical way to get the nutrients of vegetables into their system. Having more vegetables in the body means the system is cleaner.

Supplies energy


Fruits and veggies used in juicing are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that can boost one’s energy levels. In fact, in most cases, the effect is instant.

Energy drinks nowadays are filled with nothing but sugar and caffeine, which means the energy they provide aren’t long-lasting and healthy at all. If you juice whole, organic fruits and veggies, you can enjoy being energetic for a long time, as long as you pick the right combination of ingredients. In case you forgot, energy drinks from the supermarket can provide energy for a short while, but you’ll feel exhausted than before you consumed the drink. Juicing foods also have antioxidants that can relieve you of stress and keep you feeling young and free. So, if you want to be lively and zesty, renew your energy the natural way.

Improves mental health


Lastly, juicing allows people to have a healthier brain by providing all the necessary nutrients that the brain needs to function efficiently. According to the Kame Project, those who consumed fruit and vegetable juices more than thrice a week were 76% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who drank juices less than once a week.

Life-saving tip

To maximize the pros of juicing, use only organic produce. They have no synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, making them ideal to juice even if you don’t remove the skin from some of the produce like cucumbers.

Going Green with Your Bread Machine

bread in a bread machine

Are you worried sick that your Breville bread maker consumes a lot of energy? You don’t have to fret anymore because quality bread machines don’t just save your money, they also conserve energy. With this home appliance, you can go green and be healthy at the same time!

Bread makers aren’t exclusive for bread only; they can also make pasta, jam, cake, and pizza crusts. Talk about versatility! Honestly, it’s the perfect epitome of the phrase “small but terrible.”

Using them every single day won’t be an issue for the environment lover and the penny-pincher. If you don’t believe me, that’s unfortunate for you because I have proof.


bread in a bread machine


A particular study found that an average bread machine uses less energy compared to a coffee maker. How’s that possible? Because bread makers consume only about 9 kilowatts an hour every month if you base the computation on a 600-watt appliance used 15 hours per month on average.

Which? also experimented last 2008 and here’s what they found:

  • Making white bread using the standard program lasts for 3 hours and 18 minutes on average.
  • It also consumes 0.36 kWh per loaf of energy on average.
  • Making whole meal bread using the standard program lasts for 3 hours and 54 minutes on average.
  • The average power consumption is also 0.36 kWh per loaf

If you compare bread machines to electric ovens, obviously the former would be better to use because ovens consume about 1.6 kWh of energy every use. Even if you’re using a gas oven, it would still use up more energy (1.5 kWh) compared to bread makers. So when it comes to energy efficiency, it’s better to use your bread machine. In fact, even if you use the most expensive flour for your bread recipe, the total costs would still be cheaper if you use a bread machine.

go green logo

This is why bread makers can encourage you to participate in organic and sustainable living. By using fresh ingredients, you can also eat healthier bread. Homemade bread isn’t just more delicious; they’re also cheaper because you can purchase ingredients in bulk. Plus, the recipes are limitless, unlike store-bought breads that have limited flavor and fewer nutrients.

Cut the use of the oven by using your bread machine today!

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Going Green: 3 Reasons Why LED Grow Lights Are Better for Your Indoor Garden

LED grow lights

If you’re about to plan a garden for your indoor plants, such as marijuana (either for medical, scientific, or personal purposes), and you’re also concerned about the environment, then you should invest in the best lights from LED Grow Lights 101. Here are the reasons why:

They can save more money

LED panel and plants

LED grow lights may seem to be expensive at first when compared to high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and fluorescent bulbs, but the truth is their operation costs are way cheaper in the long run. LED grow lights are economical since they don’t require you to spend extra money for fans just to have proper ventilation in your growing room. If you use fluorescent and HPS lights, you need to buy additional fans, especially during summer because they release enormous heat. You also have to replace their lights often which can be costly. On the other hand, if you use LED lights, you can stop worrying about light replacement because they can last up to 10 years!

These lights are energy-efficient

According to previous studies, LED grow lights can lower your energy consumption by up to 40% which makes them eco-friendlier than the other types of lights. However, the good news doesn’t end there. More recent studies have shown that they can even be better—decreasing the consumption of energy by up to 75%! Clearly, they help make the world a better place by saving energy.

LED grow lights

They emit less heat but more light

LED grow lights release less heat which is perfect for your plants. This is because excessive heat can damage your plants, decrease their growth, and even burn them before they can have a chance to mature. LED grow lights provide sufficient light for your indoor plants without building up the heat, allowing your young crops to grow and blossom graciously.

Running with a water bottle


Hydration is an important aspect of any exercise. You need to replenish the fluids you lose or risk dehydration. And if you are a runner, water is one of the essentials you absolutely must not do without while out on a run. This should not be a problem if you are running on a route where you can have access to water. But if you are out on trails with no sure source of water for miles around, you would not want to risk dehydration just because you cannot find anything to drink along the way.

runner drinking water Holding water bottle while running may be the simplest solution. It may not always be the most convenient way to do it, but you can at least find ways to make it more comfortable to carry the added weight without breaking a stride.

You can use a water bottle made with lightweight and durable materials that preferably should have a non-slip finish that offers a good grip so you do not have to worry about it sliding out of your hands as you run.

Whether you are still thinking of taking up running for fitness or as a competitive sport, or already into it for some time now, having a good quality water bottle that you can easily hold or bring around with you on your runs is one of the best investments you can make. It will not only help you avoid dehydration. But it will most certainly make you feel good every time you have a refreshing and rejuvenating drink of water during your runs.

Physical, Mental, and Social Benefits of Woodworking


Woodworking is the activity or skill of creating or building objects using wood. Aside from allowing you to personalize things and save more money, woodworking is also healthy for your mind and body. It even has social benefits!

Below are the top five benefits of woodworking.

It improves the heart

It lowers blood pressure levels and is a great way to relieve yourself of stress. Fight cortisol (stress hormone) with woodworking!

It strengthens the body

It keeps the body fit by requiring you to carry a lot of wood for your home improvement or DIY project. Woodworking is a great exercise that will help your joints maintain their flexibility. If you’re into sawing like jigsawing, your balance and hand-eye coordination will also improve. Overall, woodworking allows people to have toned muscles and better bone health.


It helps prevent future illnesses

If you’re fit and you exercise regularly, you’ll have small chances of getting various sicknesses in the future. Woodworking helps you become healthy by making you move your muscles around to accomplish a task. It is proved to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fracture as well. Woodworking also discourages dementia by keeping the mind sharp.

It improves the mind

As mentioned earlier, this activity keeps the mind sharp by requiring you to concentrate on the task at hand. It even encourages you to be as creative as you can be. Apart from making you think beyond the box, woodworking also increases your knowledge of the world by knowing the types of wood, saws, nails, and other tools you have to encounter. It elevates the levels of serotonin, leaving you happy as a clam. It also boosts the mood and allows you to gain more self-confidence after you’ve built an object. Woodworking is a good mental exercise because there is a sense of fulfillment.

mental health scrabble

It encourages you to join a community

There are local woodworking communities everywhere that are ready to welcome newcomers. Aside from inspiring you, a community can support you and help you improve your woodworking skills. If you’re an expert, you could teach those who are still at the beginning of their woodworking journey. Joining a community will allow you to exchange ideas and socially interact with others.



What Healthy Living Really Means

healthy living

Healthy living is more than just about eating the right kind of food and drinking the right kind of beverages. Healthy living is also more than just about exercising more often and getting more sleep. Healthy living is even more than just about making yourself look good outside and making yourself feel good inside.

Here’s what healthy living really means:

It’s about reconnecting with yourself.

As they say, love yourself. One great way to do that is living healthily, where you get to learn more about who you are as you eat the right kind of food and learn more about what you are capable of as you exercise more often. Living healthily is also one way to keep yourself disciplined, just enough to drink the right kind of beverages and to make yourself feel good inside. Healthy living is even one way to keep yourself determined, just enough to get more sleep and to make yourself look good outside.

It’s about reconnecting with your loved ones.

Healthy living is not just all about you. It’s also about your loved ones. It’s not just about making yourself healthy and fit. It’s also about making sure that your loved ones are healthy and fit. It’s about connecting with them in ways that will make you inspired even more to reach your fitness goals. It’s also about them connecting with you in ways that will make them determined even more to reach their own fitness goals.

BONUS: Healthy living is also about knowledge.

As they say, knowledge is power. This applies when it comes to healthy living, too – as you question how long does it take to lose 1 percent body fat, as well as learn how to do it and even more.

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